Describing the Community

The Musquodoboit Valley is located in the rural, eastern region of the HalifaxRegional Municipality and stretches from the community of Dean (borderingColchester County) south to Meaghers Grant and west to Dutch Settlement. The Musquodoboit Valley is made up of numerous rural communities including; Upper Musquodoboit, Elmsvale, Moose River, Middle Musquodoboit, Chaswood,Elderbank, Carroll’s Corner, Antrim and many more.

The population of the area is around 3100 people according to Statistics Canada, 2016. The demographics show 20% of the population are youth and 17.7% are seniors.

Traditionally, the agriculture and forest industry contributes largely to oureconomy. There are still a number of dairy farms, beef farm operations, fullservice meat and vegetable producers, and other crop and garden growers. Youwill have a wide selection of locally grown meats, fruits, and vegetables availableto you right here in the community. These can be found at many locations suchas the nearby Farmer’s Markets, road side stand, and through communitysupported agricultural programs.